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News breaking: 2017-05-16

QIHAN onthult multi-serviceplatform voor Sanbot

SHENZHEN, China-(BUSINESS WIRE)- QIHAN Technology Company (QIHAN), een Chinees bedrijf dat robotica, kunstmatige intelligentie en videoanalyse innoveert, heeft vandaag een multi-serviceplatform voor Sanbot gepresenteerd. Sanbot is een intelligente, vanuit de cloud aangestuurde humanoide robot. Het multi-serviceplatform is een gecentraliseerd besturingssysteem dat ondernemingen in staat stelt hun interactieve Sanbot-robots vanuit iedere mogelijke locatie aan te sturen. Daarmee biedt het bedrijven over de hele wereld mogelijkheden voor gepersonaliseerde communicatie en diensten.

Dankzij MPS hebben bedrijven de mogelijkheid Sanbot te personaliseren en via de pc, tablet of smartphone opdrachten te geven, die worden gedistribueerd via de QIHAN-cloud. Doordat MPS de open API van Sanbot gebruikt, zijn bedrijven in staat op maat gemaakte marketingcontent te uploaden en te delen, zoals PowerPoint-presentaties, audio, video en tekstdocumenten.

QIHAN Unveils Multi-service Platform System for Sanbot Robot

SHENZHEN, China-(BUSINESS WIRE)- QIHAN Technology Company (QIHAN), a Chinese company focused on innovations in robotics, AI and video analysis, announced today a Multi-service Platform System (MPS) for Sanbot, its intelligent, cloud-enabled humanoid robot. The MPS solution is a centralized management system that enables businesses to control and monitor their fleet of interactive Sanbot robots from anywhere - bringing personalized communications and services to companies worldwide.

With MPS, businesses can customize and create tasks for Sanbot on a PC, tablet or smartphone and distribute them to a fleet of Sanbots over the QIHAN cloud. Using Sanbot's open API, MPS allows businesses to upload and share customized marketing content including PowerPoint presentations, audio, video, or text files.

"As businesses increasingly turn to robots to increase productivity and enhance customer service, being able to remotely manage hundreds of robots has become essential to improving the way businesses interact with their customers, partners and employees," says Ryan Wu, Vice President of QIHAN. "MPS for Sanbot is an ideal solution for businesses in retail, hospitality, education and healthcare to bring robots to the forefront of their operations and offer customers a truly customized experience."

MPS enables business owners to capture and analyze data to help them better understand their online and offline marketing programs. With MPS, businesses can also capture Sanbot's interactions with customers, which apps and what functions are used, helping businesses implement more personalized marketing strategies.

MPS allows businesses to live stream or record Sanbot's interactions with customers, as well as set security settings to detect movements within business environments. If Sanbot detects unauthorized actions, it will send notifications to a mobile phone or PC to alert business owners.

For more information about QIHAN's MPS solution, please visit http://en.sanbot.com/MPS.html.

About QIHAN Technology Co. Ltd

Founded in 2006, QIHAN Technology Co. Ltd. (QIHAN) is a global leading CCTV surveillance equipment and solutions provider headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Its proprietary solutions, Qihan, Sanbot, Donkey and Qihan Cloud, utilize next-generation robotics and artificial intelligent (AI) technologies to help improve the lives of its customers. Through its core business of surveillance cameras, QIHAN has built a substantial pool of over 100 intellectual properties in Machine Vision Recognition, Multi-axis Automatic Control, Big Data Analysis, and more.

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