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News breaking: 2017-07-12

Saudi-Arabië ontkent banden met extremisten in Verenigd Koninkrijk en eist bewijs voor beschuldigingen

JEDDAH, Saudi-Arabië–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Het Koninkrijk Saudi-Arabië ontkent beschuldigingen van banden met terrorisme in het Verenigd Koninkrijk die zijn geuit in een rapport dat afgelopen week in Britse media circuleerde en eist dat de denktank bewijs levert voor de aantijgingen. Nadat de Henry Jackson Society een rapport had gepubliceerd dat het koninkrijk beticht van “belangrijke steun voor islamistisch extremisme in het VK”, verklaarde de Saudische minister voor Cultuur en Informatie dr. Awwad Alawaad: “Het verrast ons dat een dergelijk rapport wordt gepubliceerd zonder enig bewijs.”


Saudi Arabia Denies Report That It is Linked to UK Extremists and Demands Evidence of the Allegations

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia denied allegations circulated in a report carried by the British media this week that it is linked to UK terrorism and demanded that the think tank produce the evidence behind the allegations.

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HE Dr Awwad Al Awwad, Saudi Minister of Culture and Information (Photo: ME NewsWire)

Following the publication of the Henry Jackson Society report which alleged that the Kingdom was a “chief promoter of Islamist extremism in the U.K.”, the Saudi Minister of Culture and Information, H.E. Dr. Awwad Alawwad, stated: “We are surprised that such a report would be issued without evidence.”

“The government of Saudi Arabia has studied the report with great concern, and we demand Henry Jackson Society to provide us with the verified evidence that leads to their conclusions. Saudi Arabia has repeatedly been a victim of terrorism itself, and is committed to combating terrorism and fighting extremism, both inside the Kingdom and across the world.”

The Minister added: “There are a number of things to consider when evaluating a report of this nature. The first is the nature of the entity producing the report, and the second is whether the references used in the report come from verifiable sources. I am surprised that many mainstream media have taken this report at face value without thoroughly checking either of these.”

The Minister said the report, and ensuing media coverage, used a broad brush approach, as HJS used the alleged actions of individuals and organisations to extrapolate broadly in leveling the allegations against the Kingdom:

“As far as the content of the report is concerned, many of the major allegations made in the report are not substantiated in sufficient detail to support the allegations. If there is a list of names of Saudi individuals or organisations with proven links to U.K. terrorism, the think tank should present them and Saudi Arabia will deal with them.”

*Source: ME NewsWire

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