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News breaking: 2017-07-17

Nominum lanceert webinar voor cyberveiligheid: Cyber Insider

18:17 uur 17-07-2017

Nominum lanceert webinar voor cyberveiligheid: Cyber Insider

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Nominum™, toonaangevend in DNS-gerichte beveiliging en services, heeft vandaag aangekondigd dat zijn maandelijkse webinar “ Cyber Insider” is begonnen. Het beveiligings- en onderzoeksteam van Nominum bespreekt tot in detail de opkomende bedreigingen voor de cyberveiligheid. Op basis van de meer dan 100 miljard DNS-queries (DNS: Domain Name System) die internetproviders dagelijks voortbrengen bespreekt het team van Nominum de ontwikkelingen op vlak van cyberdreiging, signaleringstechnieken en methodes om gevaren af te wenden. De focus ligt op cyberaanvallen die gebruikmaken van DNS om zichzelf te verbreiden.

Het eerste webinar behandelt de recente aanval Petya en vindt dinsdag 18 juli 2017 plaats om 9 am (PDT) / 12.00 noon (EDT). De daaropvolgende webinars worden tot december iedere derde donderdag van de maand gehouden.



Nominum Launches “Cyber Insider” Security Webinar Series

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Nominum™, the DNS-based security and services innovation leader, announced today it is kicking off “ Cyber Insider,” a monthly webinar series with Nominum’s security and data science team that will provide detailed discussions about emerging cybersecurity threats. Based on analysis of over 100 billion Domain Name System (DNS) queries per day from service provider networks around the globe, the Nominum team will discuss the evolving threat landscape, detection techniques and aversion methods – with a focus on the vast majority of threats that involve DNS to propagate themselves.

The first webinar in the series will examine the recent Petya attack and is being held at 9am PDT / 12noon EDT on Tuesday, July 18, 2017. Subsequent webinars will be conducted on the third Tuesday of every month through December 2017.

During the webinars, experts will address such issues as:

How hackers innovate with ransomware attacks such as WannaCry

How an Advanced Persistent Attack (APT) appears from an attacker’s and defender’s point of view

The channels hackers most commonly use to launch phishing and other malware attacks

The best approaches for individuals and businesses to defend themselves against new and evolving threats

Specific topics for each webinar will be decided based on the most compelling recent threat activity and related insights from the Nominum Data Science team.

“With cyberattacks on the rise and with most of them leveraging DNS to succeed, the breadth and depth of data we have access to from fixed and mobile service providers puts us in a unique position to detect new forms of malware, oftentimes before the broader security community has,” said Yuriy Yuzifovich, head of data science and security for Nominum. “We are launching the Cyber Insider discussion series to share our data analysis with others in the industry and help mitigate the rising tide of cybercrime.”

“Our monthly webinars are an extension of the security reports we publish twice a year, which offer detailed insights into current threats and the approaches hackers take to avoid detection,” said Yohai Einav, principal data scientist for Nominum. “Deep analysis of a broad swath of DNS data, combined with machine learning and unique algorithmic processing, enables automated detection of malicious domains used for command and control, phishing and ‘malvertizing,’ and gives us a distinct vantage point from which to shed light on the latest attacks,” said Einav.

Nominum Data Science uses customer, commercial and public data sources, along with advanced predictive intelligence techniques to analyze over 100 billion queries daily. The team combines its unique visibility into worldwide real-time DNS data and a patent-pending, unsupervised machine learning algorithm based on a neural network, to pick up correlation signals between domain names. This technology helps discover obscure domains that cybercriminals use to hide behind multiple machine-generated domains, including Domain Generated Algorithms (DGAs).

To register to participate in the upcoming webinar, please visit https://nominum.com/resource/cyber-insider-webinar-series/.

About Nominum

Nominum™ is a pioneer and global leader in DNS-based security and services innovation. The Silicon Valley company provides an integrated suite of carrier-grade DNS-based solutions that enable fixed and mobile operators to protect and enhance their networks, strengthen security for business and residential subscribers and offer innovative value-added services that can be monetized. The result is improved service agility, higher ARPU, increased brand loyalty and a strong competitive advantage. More than 130 service providers in over 40 countries trust Nominum to deliver a safe, customizable internet and promote greater value to over half a billion users. Nominum DNS software resolves 1.7 trillion queries around the globe every day—roughly 100 times more transactions than the combined daily volume of tweets, likes, and searches taking place on major web properties. For more information visit nominum.com.

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