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News breaking: 2017-08-03

Saudi Arabi√ę keurt Oncothermia goed, de nieuwste technologie bij het bestrijden van kanker

14:06 uur 03-08-2017

Saudi Arabi√ę keurt Oncothermia goed, de nieuwste technologie bij het bestrijden van kanker

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia‚Äď(BUSINESS WIRE)‚Äď Nadat het al was goedgekeurd in 30 landen, heeft de¬†Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) het gebruik van Oncothermia¬†(modulated electro-hyperthermia, mEHT) goedgekeurd, de nieuwste aanvullende behandeltechnologie voor het bestrijden van kanker.

De behandeling geeft kankerpati√ęnten een verbetering van de levenskwaliteit, verhoogt de overlevingskans en het comfort tijdens de verschillende fases van de behandeling en daarnaast werkt het stimuleren voor het fysieke en mentale welzijn.

‚ÄúOncothermia is in feite ontwikkelt vanuit de traditionele oncologische hyperthermie-methode, een van de oudste methodes bij het bestrijden van ziektes‚ÄĚ, zegt Eng. Hani¬†Mohammed Saeed Yamani, de algemeen directeur van HYE, de exclusieve vertegenwoordiger van Oncothermia-apparaten in GCC.


Saudi Arabia Approves Oncothermia, the Latest Technology in Cancer Treatment

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia‚Äď(BUSINESS WIRE)‚Äď After being approved in over 30 countries, the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) approved the use of Oncothermia (modulated electro-hyperthermia, mEHT), the latest complementary cancer treatment technology.

The treatment gives cancer patients enhanced quality of life, improved survival rates, and comfort during the various stages of treatment as well as promotes their physical and psychological wellbeing.

‚ÄúOncothermia is basically developed from the traditional oncological¬†hyperthermia method, one of the oldest methods in fighting diseases,‚ÄĚ said Eng. Hani Mohammed Saeed Yamani, General Manager of HYE, Exclusive Agents of Oncothermia devices in GCC.

‚ÄúOncothermia does not raise the body temperature. It raises tumor cells temperature to 43‚Āį C, while keeping the surrounding healthy tissues at core body temperature, or slightly higher, unlike conventional hyperthermia methods,‚ÄĚ he said.

‚ÄúThe new technology uses a modulated electric field of 150 W, with a carrier frequency of 13.56 MHz that is generated by electrodes,‚ÄĚ Yamani explained. ‚ÄúThe moving electrode¬†is positioned in accordance with the body¬†area¬†being¬†treated,¬†while¬†a second,¬†stationary electrode¬†always remains in a¬†fixed¬†position below the patient.‚ÄĚ

Unlike the traditional hyperthermia, Oncothermia targets only the tumor area, leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected. Conductivity in malignant cells is higher than that of normal cells, which means that the electric field applied will reach all malignant cells, increasing their temperature.

Yamani pointed out that the treatment is safe and non-poisonous as it uses low energy levels and frequency fields. It provides various treatment options using Oncothermia for advanced incurable tumors, whether or not they can be surgically removed, as well as recurrent and metastatic cancers and prostate cancer.

Oncothermia is not a stand-alone cancer treatment; it is provided as a complementary treatment. Studies have shown that applying Oncothermia together with radiation therapy or chemotherapy, can be highly effective, and can strongly enhance the effectiveness of other treatments.

Consultants in the Saudi Arabia are currently being introduced to this new technology and its benefits, as well as the research conducted by Prof. Andr√°s Sz√°sz, the inventor of the treatment, to help ease the pain of cancer patients and assist in their healing process.

*Source: AETOS Wire

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