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News breaking: 2017-10-10

RMS Automotive verbetert webportaal voor dealers in opdracht van Franse autofabrikant PSA Groupe

10:05 uur 10-10-2017

RMS Automotive verbetert webportaal voor dealers in opdracht van Franse autofabrikant PSA Groupe

Nieuw ontwerp biedt dealers ongeëvenaarde toegang tot beschikbaar wagenpark

MÜNCHEN –(BUSINESS WIRE)—RMS Automotive heeft de webportaal voor dealers verbeterd in opdracht van zijn partner en cliënt PSA Groupe. De zeer succesvolle dealerportaal, MOVE genaamd, werd in 2012 opgezet. Via het portaal zijn 600.000 auto’s aan meer dan 13.000 dealers verkocht. MOVE is live in 22 landen en verzorgt de remarketing van auto’s voor drie merken uit de PSA Groupe: Peugeot, Citroën en DS Automobiles.

Als gevolg van de langlopende band met PSA Groupe heeft RMS Automotive diepgaand inzicht in de merkwaarde van PSA Groupe, die veel verder reikt dan producten en betrekking heeft op de volledige cliëntervaring.


RMS Automotive Enhances Dealer Web Portal for French Car Manufacturer PSA Groupe

Redesigned platform provides dealers unprecedented access to the best stock available

MUNICH–(BUSINESS WIRE)– RMS Automotive enhanced the dealer web portal for long-time partner and client PSA Groupe. This highly-successful dealer portal, called “MOVE”, was created in 2012 and has sold over 600,000 vehicles to 13,000+ dealers. MOVE is live in 22 countries and remarkets vehicles on behalf of three PSA Groupe brands – Peugeot, Citroen and DS Automobiles.

As a result of a long-standing relationship with PSA Groupe, RMS Automotive has a deep understanding of PSA Groupe’s brand value – which extends far beyond products into the entire customer experience – and brought this understanding to life through enhancements that put the customer front and center and make it easier to do business with PSA Groupe.

Based on the learnings from a study in 2017, major changes were implemented to the dealer portal that would optimize the customer experience through a simple, intuitive and accessible environment.

“We are committed to developing agile solutions with the dealer in mind,” said Christian Vanoni, head of international wholesale used car operations for PSA Groupe. “The solutions that RMS Automotive bring to PSA Groupe ensure that we are channeling the right vehicles to the right dealers at the right times, and that the buying experience for the dealers is a positive one.”

With the redesigned MOVE portal available in all PSA Groupe operational markets, it is possible to access the portal on any device, anywhere, anytime, ensuring dealers never miss the best stock available.

“The enhanced PSA Groupe dealer portal underscores our commitment to producing innovations that are highly responsive to our clients’’ needs, said Sebastian Fuchs, senior director of RMS Automotive European sales and marketing. “The enhanced dealer portal ensures that PSA Groupe is at the forefront of innovative technology solutions and ensures that their dealers are able to access stock when and where convenient for them. The new portal aims to create a truly positive user experience that is personal, compelling, positive and memorable based on in-depth understanding of how mobile users browse for and purchase products.”

The new portal also allows the users to enjoy flexible bid, purchase and delivery options via multi-channel marketing. The robust system monitors bidding and purchasing activity in real-time, as well as giving access to historical data and VIN- based vehicle details including condition reports.

As technology changes and the business needs of PSA Groupe evolve, the enhanced dealer portal is equipped to flex for needed enhancements, optimizations and customizations in the future.

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