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News breaking: 2018-01-09

WayRay demonstreert het eerste holografisch AR-navigatiesysteem met SDK-beschikbaarheid op CES 2018

LAUSANNE, Zwitserland – (BUSINESS WIRE) – WayRay, een Zwitserse ontwikkelaar van holografische AR-navigatiesystemen voor auto’s, komt naar CES 2018 om de nieuwste technologieën te demonstreren:

– NAVION, ’s werelds eerste holografische AR-navigator ooit

– Een geavanceerde versie van het ingebedde Holografische AR-display

– True AR SDK voor Holografische AR-beeldschermen

– Element, een gamified car tracker voor slimmer rijden

NAVION krijgt zijn allereerste publieke showcase na 4 jaar R&D. Voor OEM’s zal WayRay de nieuwe veelkleurige versie van ’s werelds eerste holografische AR-infotainmentsysteem voor auto’s demonstreren. Na de eerste succesvolle demo in de Rinspeed Oasis Car op CES 2017 zijn we trots dat we dit jaar met de nieuwste versie kunnen pronken.

WayRay to Demo First Ever Holographic AR Navigation System with SDK Availability at CES 2018

LAUSANNE, Switzerland–(BUSINESS WIRE)– WayRay, a Swiss developer of holographic AR navigation systems for cars, is coming to CES 2018 to demonstrate cutting-edge technologies:

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180103005559/en/

NAVION (Graphic: Business Wire)

NAVION, the world’s first ever holographic AR navigator

An advanced version of the embedded Holographic AR Display

True AR SDK for Holographic AR Displays

Element, a gamified car tracker for smarter driving

NAVION gets its first ever public showcase after 4 years of R&D. For OEMs, WayRay will demonstrate the new multicolored version of the world’s first holographic AR Infotainment System for cars. Following the first successful demo in the Rinspeed Oasis Car at CES 2017, this year we are proud to show off its newest version. It has an extremely wide field of view and even smaller projector’s volume. For developers, WayRay will demo our True AR SDK and announce the AR Developers Contest & Hackathon with a total prize fund worth $160,000.

Where to find us: Booth # 26047 LVCC – South Hall 2.

NAVION — WayRay’s flagship device

NAVION is the first True Augmented Reality car navigation system. Placed on a dashboard, it shows directions, trip details and display real-time indicators for things like pedestrians, POIs or alerting to hazards exactly where the driver needs them to be — on the road ahead — with no headgear or eyewear required. NAVION is able to work in a hands-free mode to get the driver safely to the destination. It responds to the simple voice commands or to unique hand gestures.

AR infotainment system for connected cars

Another WayRay’s attraction at CES 2018 is a multicolored Holographic Augmented Reality display device designed to transform the windshield into a new medium of information. 2018’s version has the greatest FOV (field of view) on the market and is capable of multicolored virtual objects creation. Moreover, the technology allows the solution to act like a fully-featured non-wearable augmented reality infotainment system. It shows relevant information at a comfortable distance for users’ eyes — from 3 ft to infinity.


True AR SDK is a set of libraries and tools for third-party developers to build AR applications that run on Holographic AR Displays. The SDK also has the AR Holographic Display simulator, a tool for testing and debugging the behavior of the app content under different FOV and display locations, in various cars. True AR SDK runs on Ubuntu 16.04 and supports C++ and GLSL with binding to other programming languages.

ELEMENT – wearable for your car

Element is an insightful interactive car tracker for smart driving. It tracks driver’s activity at the wheel and overviews the driving performance. That’s why we call it ‘a wearable for your car.’ Besides, Element has a unique feature known as Autoyoga, which adds an element of fun to the daily commute. Visitors can get familiar with a product and the app, and place a preorder.

About WayRay

WayRay is a global company headquartered in Switzerland, with 170+ engineers, its own R&D center and prototyping laboratory. It specializes in development and production of transparent holographic displays based on HOE (holographic optical elements) and commercialisation of this technology for consumer electronics and b2b markets. https://wayray.com/

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